RCIF sponsorship or membership is limited soley to Catholic religious congregations. RCIF sponsorship requires a minimum $25,000 investment, and membership a minimum $300,000 investment. RCIF accepts cash investments or the transfer of a congregation’s community investments directly into the fund. Congregations at the member level have reserve powers to elect board members and review major changes in mission or policy. All sponsors may attend the annual meeting.

At this time, RCIF sponsors do not receive interest payments on investments. This policy allows RCIF to continue to provide below market rate loans to nonprofit organizations that empower low-income people.

RCIF is not a loan fund. It is a collaborative ministry that provides portfolio management services for community investments. Sponsors are participants in the fund.

For more information or to request an informational packet, please contact RCIF Executive Director, Sarah Geisler. Informational packets include: a participation agreement, legal documents, a handbook of policies and procedures, annual reports and audits.